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Welcome! Worried about website security? With SafeWebTALK, instantly find out if the websites you encounter while browsing are legal or fraudulent! We are a platform that evaluates websites for legality and reliability to inform users. Our goal is to reduce the risk of fraud by providing accurate and reliable information to internet users. You can trust us to make your internet experience safer.

Who Are We

We are a team of 10 individuals dedicated to making the internet a safer place. Each of us is equipped with different areas of expertise, diligently evaluating websites to inform

users. Our goal is to ensure everyone can browse the internet safely and minimize the risks of scams. We strive to provide access to reliable information and make the internet a safer environment.

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A scammer pretending to be customer support from KuCoin Crypto exchange wanted me to sign into my crypto exchange account using this fake login page to collect information and steal my crypto.

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Best website I met online. Thanks for your help.

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The Path to Enhancing User Experience

Today, the internet has become a significant resource for accessing information and communication. People use the internet to acquire knowledge on nearly every subject, purchase products and services, and engage in social interactions. This has elevated the importance of websites, with user experience becoming a critical factor for a successful website

Analyzing websites is an important step in evaluating a website's performance and improving user experience. This analysis can be conducted from various perspectives and supported by various tools. Here are some common steps followed when analyzing a website:


There are many tools available to analyze websites. Analytical tools like Google Analytics provide important data such as visitor numbers, page views, user behavior, and more. Additionally, speed testing tools like PageSpeed Insights can be used to assess site speed. SEO tools can identify necessary adjustments to improve the site's search engine ranking.

Several factors are important to enhance user experience on a website. These include site speed and performance, user-friendly interface, mobile compatibility, content quality and organization, effective navigation, visual appeal, and user feedback and analysis. Users expect fast loading times, easy navigation, and quick access to the information they are seeking.

Website analysis is important to evaluate and improve a website's performance. Analyses provide valuable insights into understanding visitor behavior, identifying the site's strengths and weaknesses, optimizing content strategy, improving SEO performance, and ultimately enhancing user experience. This allows for the creation of a more effective website, leading to a more positive user experience.